Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I wish............

What a day it has been and it isn't over yet.....

We have all the troops in today to silough the Maize on the farm. Its not been a good year in farming with the horrendous weather and autumn starting much sooner than normal......this has been the second attempt to get the Maize in as the first attempt failed with the machine having to be dug out of the field as it was just to wet and boggy.

I have not been in a tractor but in the kitchen all day,,,,,, serving food,,, washing up,,, sweeping up,,,, mopping up,,,,25 people in and out in muddy boots!!! With what little bit of time I have had now to take a cuppa and have a quick fix on the internet before it all starts again tonight when they come in for their evening meal!

I will be relieved as will they that the day is over and done with and we can all take a little breather and be comforted to know the cows will have plenty to keep them going this winter.

Have a Happy Halloween people!!!!

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