Sunday, October 21, 2012

My corner of Normandy in flowery wellies!

Well I have finally got around to starting my blog........its taken me a few years but here goes............

7 years ago we made a nutty decission to up sticks and move to a corner of Normandy France that we didn't know, had no family and couldn't speak the language. Looking back it was idiotic but also the best thing to do.

A lot has happened since, with additions to the family, by way of a baby and many animals that have come and gone, a business, a divorce and new partner and house move so life most certainly hasn't been calm.

After all of that I think we are now settled........I hope so anyway!!!!!!!

I live with my partner and 3 children as part of a large dairy farm. My daughters love the country side and are often found in their overalls and boots on the farm, learning to drive tractors and caring for the cows. Its a fantastic life for them. They have not only learnt a second language since we moved here but they have learnt all about the culture, farm life and where their food comes from which I think is really important.

Our house is next to the field where the pregnant cows come to calf. Several times I have been told by the girls that there is a cow struggling to have her calf and I need to ring the lads to come and help her deliver. What you need to be aware of is that my daughters are only 10, 8 and 2 years old..........the two eldest most definately know more than I do regarding farm life and cows!!!!!

I hope you find some of my stories enjoyable as alsorts happens here on the farm most of the time amusing, sometimes sad but most definately not dull. Keep an eye on my blog and I will take you through life as a farmers wife (partner!!!!) I don't think I could cope just yet with the stress of a marriage!

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