Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I wish............

What a day it has been and it isn't over yet.....

We have all the troops in today to silough the Maize on the farm. Its not been a good year in farming with the horrendous weather and autumn starting much sooner than normal......this has been the second attempt to get the Maize in as the first attempt failed with the machine having to be dug out of the field as it was just to wet and boggy.

I have not been in a tractor but in the kitchen all day,,,,,, serving food,,, washing up,,, sweeping up,,,, mopping up,,,,25 people in and out in muddy boots!!! With what little bit of time I have had now to take a cuppa and have a quick fix on the internet before it all starts again tonight when they come in for their evening meal!

I will be relieved as will they that the day is over and done with and we can all take a little breather and be comforted to know the cows will have plenty to keep them going this winter.

Have a Happy Halloween people!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OHHHH.......What a year.........

I am sure we are all aware by now that christmas is fast approaching (I think that only applies to crafters wo are always thinking in advance of the next gifts to make).......just 2 months until the big happy man tries to squeeze down our chimney! Hopefully with a sackfull of goodies!

The realisation that the year is rapidlly passing has made me reflect on this years events. Its been one of the hardest years of my life but what a year and what progress I have made.

I have achieved lots in my personal life which those close to me and my girlies will be fully aware of but on top of that I have achieved the little goals I set myself.

My French language has finally come together and I think I can proudly say now I am fluent which I am so proud to be able to do. It hasn't been easy and its taken 7 years in the learning and its because I have had no choice but to learn it.........One has a choice,,,Sink or swim????? I am happy to say I am swimming away now.......Done!

I wished for a vintage caravan and I now have a lovely 1970's Star......My Vintage Suzie.......sat proudly in the garden..........Done!

I hoped to finally start up a blog of my rabblings, (which this is,,,hope you're not too board) crafting and life from my eyes on the farm as an English partner to a French farmer!!!!!!!! Not easy!!! (Hense why my language has progressed quickly this year!).................Done!

And last but not least to learn to bake!!! I can cook but ask me to make a cake and you will get a burnt biscuit. That was until my lovely know who you are......showed me some of her secret receipes. We are now all caked out!.......Done!!!!!

DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE!!!!!............AND 2 MONTHS SPARE!! BONUS!!!!!!!!!

 WHAT SHALL I DO NEXT? ..............................................Take some time to enjoy my new life and breath a huge sighhhh of relief I think before we head into 2013!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vintage Suzie progress 3

Cup cakes,,,,, roses and stuff

Vintage Suzie progress 2

Starting to come together..........

Vintage Suzie progress 1

Its amazing what a bit of paint and some duvet covers can do...................
Roses, gingham, red and green.......

Before photos of Vintage Suzie

When I said orange and brown can see what I mean.
and to my surprise there is a cute little sink and hob in this cupboard.....
just waiting for a whistling kettle!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My little vintage hide away......

After years of dreaming on announcements sites I finally found her...........My Suzie 1975 vintage caravan.

Oh what joy!!!! One owner, completely original, orange and brown interior, hardly used and sat there just waiting for a new loving owner to breath new life into her.

Obviously I had to have her and quickly snapped her up.

After days of debating weather or not to leave it completely original or to go with my original plan of flowers, gingham, polka dots, bunting and of course roses............... original plan was decided!

I set to work immidiately, making curtains, covering cushons, making bunting, crocheting blankets and painting the walls.

Day by day it all started to come together and even now she is still evolving into my perfect hide away where you will often find me with a book or a ball of wall and a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoy the journey with us even though we don't go further than the garden.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My crocheting addiction ..............

is gettng out of hand. I have several projects on the go.......all blankets,,,,,,with 3 daughters obviously they all must have a blanket each to hopefully treasure in the future.

I am self taught so at the moment all I can manage are granny squares in various colours. I found a lovely pattern for tiny hearts on one of my favorite blogs Attic24 but just can't get my head around doing them at the moment even though I have all the wool lined up.

Every minute of free time I have I just have to pick up my hook and at least get a part of a square started. Every time I see wool for sale I have to drag myself away from buying it as I simply have too much at the moment. These are two of the blankets I am currently on the go with. The pastel coloured for my babies room and the multi coloured is an attempt to use my odds and sods.

I love it but I wonder can a house have too many crocheted blankets and cushion covers??????

I'm sure you will agree...........No..........I don't think you can!!!!!!

Welcome Alfie


After 15 years we very sadly lost our lovely cat Penny. Adorable and a huge part of the family it was so upsetting when she passed away.

I vowed to never have another! Well that lasted 12 months until my number 1 daughter asked or should I say pestered us to have another cat! My lovely farmer took some convincing but in the end under his terms and conditions, "he will not look after, feed, nor clean out the litter tray" yes we could have a kitten.

Upon mentioning to my dearest friend we were in search of a kitten she introduced us to our now newly named ginger tom ALFIE!

Mischief written all over him he's now another adorable part of the family. My lovely farmer is even quiet impressed with him even though he won't admit it!

So "Welcome Alfie" hopefully we will share many years of fun together.

WOW!!! Love it!

Look at this fabulous table cloth I stumbled across in the supermarket.......

Its so bright and cheerful and of coures has "Flowery Welllies" ..........its right up my street...oh and wipeable with a house full of kids and animals perfect!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Making a new build house cozy!


I recently moved from an old farmhouse with loads of character, wooden beams, old fireplaces and a huge garden to a new build bungalow, (definatley not me but as my lovely farmer is there of course I am not going to complain and go elsewhere) with very little character and much smaller garden, but I must admit very very very easy to keep clean thats a bonus.

I have been really struggling to make the place cozy. Its large downstairs living/dining room drives me mad as no matter what I do I just can't get the place looking how I want it.

I love clutter......nice clutter stuff in general. I have added new curtains and obviously cushions and crocheted blankets but its not happening. Plants, pictures and even bunting in places!


I have just found this blog Cozy Things which is brilliant and will hopefully help me out.

Any other suggestions would be very welcome as Im dreading the winter months. I am currently busy trawling internet sites and magazines for ideas. I would never have imagined it would be so difficult.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My corner of Normandy in flowery wellies!

Well I have finally got around to starting my blog........its taken me a few years but here goes............

7 years ago we made a nutty decission to up sticks and move to a corner of Normandy France that we didn't know, had no family and couldn't speak the language. Looking back it was idiotic but also the best thing to do.

A lot has happened since, with additions to the family, by way of a baby and many animals that have come and gone, a business, a divorce and new partner and house move so life most certainly hasn't been calm.

After all of that I think we are now settled........I hope so anyway!!!!!!!

I live with my partner and 3 children as part of a large dairy farm. My daughters love the country side and are often found in their overalls and boots on the farm, learning to drive tractors and caring for the cows. Its a fantastic life for them. They have not only learnt a second language since we moved here but they have learnt all about the culture, farm life and where their food comes from which I think is really important.

Our house is next to the field where the pregnant cows come to calf. Several times I have been told by the girls that there is a cow struggling to have her calf and I need to ring the lads to come and help her deliver. What you need to be aware of is that my daughters are only 10, 8 and 2 years old..........the two eldest most definately know more than I do regarding farm life and cows!!!!!

I hope you find some of my stories enjoyable as alsorts happens here on the farm most of the time amusing, sometimes sad but most definately not dull. Keep an eye on my blog and I will take you through life as a farmers wife (partner!!!!) I don't think I could cope just yet with the stress of a marriage!