Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My crocheting addiction ..............

is gettng out of hand. I have several projects on the go.......all blankets,,,,,,with 3 daughters obviously they all must have a blanket each to hopefully treasure in the future.

I am self taught so at the moment all I can manage are granny squares in various colours. I found a lovely pattern for tiny hearts on one of my favorite blogs Attic24 but just can't get my head around doing them at the moment even though I have all the wool lined up.

Every minute of free time I have I just have to pick up my hook and at least get a part of a square started. Every time I see wool for sale I have to drag myself away from buying it as I simply have too much at the moment. These are two of the blankets I am currently on the go with. The pastel coloured for my babies room and the multi coloured is an attempt to use my odds and sods.

I love it but I wonder can a house have too many crocheted blankets and cushion covers??????

I'm sure you will agree...........No..........I don't think you can!!!!!!


  1. Dear Nicky
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am with you all the way on the "a house can never have too many crocheted blankets or cushions"! Your pic looks absolutely gorgeous so keep going! Yarn addiction is a serious matter - I have it too! But there are worse vices I always think! E x