Monday, October 22, 2012

Making a new build house cozy!


I recently moved from an old farmhouse with loads of character, wooden beams, old fireplaces and a huge garden to a new build bungalow, (definatley not me but as my lovely farmer is there of course I am not going to complain and go elsewhere) with very little character and much smaller garden, but I must admit very very very easy to keep clean thats a bonus.

I have been really struggling to make the place cozy. Its large downstairs living/dining room drives me mad as no matter what I do I just can't get the place looking how I want it.

I love clutter......nice clutter stuff in general. I have added new curtains and obviously cushions and crocheted blankets but its not happening. Plants, pictures and even bunting in places!


I have just found this blog Cozy Things which is brilliant and will hopefully help me out.

Any other suggestions would be very welcome as Im dreading the winter months. I am currently busy trawling internet sites and magazines for ideas. I would never have imagined it would be so difficult.


  1. hello :) thank you for your lovely comment this morning it made my day x
    I'd love a bit more space but can appreciate how bigger rooms are less cozy, maybe you could concentrate on having little corners that are a bit more snuggly with a few chairs,a lamp and your crochet, fairy lights always cheer up a space...wallpaper too..oooh it makes me want to go and rearrange my furniture now:) have fun x x
    Jane x

  2. Lol, thanks for that Jane,,,,I bought some fairy lights this week and what a diference....note to self must by more,,,my partner looked at me like I was nuts as he doesn't get it!!! If I can drag myself from this computer I will go and start rearranging.
    Best wishes NIcky xxxx Ps totally inspired by your blog,,,love it. x