Friday, October 26, 2012

My little vintage hide away......

After years of dreaming on announcements sites I finally found her...........My Suzie 1975 vintage caravan.

Oh what joy!!!! One owner, completely original, orange and brown interior, hardly used and sat there just waiting for a new loving owner to breath new life into her.

Obviously I had to have her and quickly snapped her up.

After days of debating weather or not to leave it completely original or to go with my original plan of flowers, gingham, polka dots, bunting and of course roses............... original plan was decided!

I set to work immidiately, making curtains, covering cushons, making bunting, crocheting blankets and painting the walls.

Day by day it all started to come together and even now she is still evolving into my perfect hide away where you will often find me with a book or a ball of wall and a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoy the journey with us even though we don't go further than the garden.

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