Sunday, February 10, 2013

How life changes........

I would have never have believed this time last year that my life would have completely changed direction as much as it has done this last 8 months.

You seem to roll along, sometimes with a plan, sometimes just going from day to day. Then one day..........WHAM.........all change now!

Mine has taken me from running my own business in my dream house to now having taken the somewhat quick decission to upsticks and get my girlies back to our roots in Blighty!!!! Although it seems to have been a quick decission to most, once I arrived at my decission there was no point sitting and thinking about it any longer or trying to find reasons not to do what my heart tells me I  need to do.

    We have been through a lot recently but the future is waiting for us and our new life has slowly begun. With lots still left to do we are taking each day slowly, slowly finding our feet again.

We are being well looked after by "Mum" and would happily stay here forever if it weren't for the fact we need some more room!


Challenge one: Find a suitable house to set up our new life and make a cosy nest!
Challenge two: Spend some well needed quality time together!

oh........and inbetween doing these challenges start my new granny blanket with the wool I have just unpacked!!!!!!!

Onwards and upwards...........
I hope everyone in blog world are well and having a nice weekend.
Best wishes