Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome Alfie


After 15 years we very sadly lost our lovely cat Penny. Adorable and a huge part of the family it was so upsetting when she passed away.

I vowed to never have another! Well that lasted 12 months until my number 1 daughter asked or should I say pestered us to have another cat! My lovely farmer took some convincing but in the end under his terms and conditions, "he will not look after, feed, nor clean out the litter tray" yes we could have a kitten.

Upon mentioning to my dearest friend we were in search of a kitten she introduced us to our now newly named ginger tom ALFIE!

Mischief written all over him he's now another adorable part of the family. My lovely farmer is even quiet impressed with him even though he won't admit it!

So "Welcome Alfie" hopefully we will share many years of fun together.

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