Saturday, November 3, 2012

Buttons or sweeties?

I am sure this applies to all the crafters I know it is so hard to stay focused on one project at a time. I've several on the go at a time depending on how much free time I have depends on what I work on. I am forever planing what I am going to do next and generally start it on top of everything else Im doing.

I have projects sitting waiting to be started, each time I bob into my local haberdasherie they have some new buttons, new ribbons, new wool,,,,,,,something to tempt me away from what I really know I should finish and need to finish.

Who would have thought in your 30s you would look at all the shiney bright buttons, ribbon and wool like they are jars of sweets all lined up ready for you to spend your once 20p a quater????!!!!

How things change........ I love being 30 something!!!!!!

Some new things I have waiting to do.........

I found these tiny hearts,,,,I couldn't resist them so in the "too do" box they go until I find the right projects to add them to.

I stumbled upon a reduce basket of wool which I had to can never have enough you know..... I have already started making grannies to cover some new hot water bottles mum bought me and my girlies. 1 done 2 to do,,,, nice little project for the weekend.


Then its onto felt to make some little bunting for my christmas tree.....I love bunting incase you didn't know!

I have the Molly Makes Christmas book patiently sat waiting for me to choose some new projects from too and a Cath Kidston Patwork cushion to do.......

So much to do,,,,,so little time!! So I better dash and grab my tea and hook and get on with it. Have a good weekend everyone...Happy Crafting!

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  1. your craft corner is filling up! love the gingham hearts! have a good week, Heather x