Friday, November 30, 2012

O Christmas Tree....OH Christmas Tree....Yes Please!!

Bonjour mes amies!!!

Well what a nightmaire I'm having just now.........Upon deciding to take my precious Christmas decorations but leaving  my lovely Christmas tree for my Ex,  Im now thinking it might not have been such a good idea!!

Question......How hard can it be to find a pretty artifical Christmas tree in Normandy??? Surely not that difficult I hear you say.
Well you would be sooooooo wrong as was I when my search first began.

Its ney on impossible I tell you. If you are happy with a tree that has so many gaps in the pine so you only need to hang a handfull of decorations on it you would be happy. As Im looking for at least 2 meters and as full as I can possibly find to enable me to cram it with seasonal joys isn't happening!

I'm now starting to panic,,,,,,it's taken over my life just now,,,,,,we have nothing in the fridge,,,,the cupboards are empty as as soon as I leave the house to get supplies I end up making detours into garden centres and shops that come to mind that I know surely they will stock something pretty. 5 minutes later Im leaving feeling totally deflated at not only the lack of tree's but the lack of pretty tree's 

Why is this the case??? Am I the only person in France looking for a pretty artificial tree rather than something resembling a plastic monstroserty from the early 80's?? Is this the gap in the market I have been looking for?? No its just a pain in the butt!!

I know I am going to have to resort to buying a smaller but beautiful real tree, which I adore, but makes me feel so sad when they are dumped on the pile for the tip in the New Year.

So there you have gripe over with......Thank you for listening.


  1. I'm still using my old woolies christmas tree! maybe you can still get them on line. or maybe that's not the kind you want. Anyway, good luck, as a woman on a mission, I'm sure it will all look lovely in the end! Heather x

  2. Oh I love Woolies....
    Mission complete. Blog update to follow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx