Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lost treasures and fairy cakes

I have spent a lovely afternoon,,,,,,and I feel a little guilty about saying this....but without my children......baking and rearranging my lost treasures.

I have made my first batch of fairy cakes, on my own, including butter icing and decorations!!!! And I didn't burn them or turn them into biscuits!!!!!!


Whilst my precious little cakes were baking away I was happily rearranging my cupboards with all the little lost treasures I found whilst rummaging through boxes last week.


Cute little tea cups and saucers, sherry glasses, coffee canisters and other pretty blue plates that I had stashed away and completely forgotten about. I have had such a lovely time just pottering away on my own without having to pull my hair out at the aggrivation of my, not always so delightful, 3 little girlies!

 I aim to fill these bright canisters with home made biscuits one day!!! Well we all need a dream!! LOL

 I love this little gravey boat and saucer. The problem is its likely to end up as one of the things I never use as I love it so much! Do you do that??!! Silly really but thats what Im like!

 Its all a bit of a jumble here but I can see potential!

Well at least I can offer them treats when they get home from the farm where they are busily working away.

I better just go and try one with a cup o tea and enjoy the last few minutes of calm time.

Not bad..........even if I do say so myself! ...............onto biscuits next me thinks!

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  1. looks lovely! better not count the calories! I would love to use my gravy jug, I have just never mastered making gravy! one day....Heather x