Thursday, November 8, 2012

It smells like autumn!

You know what I mean,,,,,something changes in air,,,,,,its time to dig out the winter woolies, big coats, boots. The fire is already crackling away making the house much more cozy straight away. 

It makes me want to donn my flowery wellies and get out for a walk so that is what I will do later this afternoon I think. Just a little potter around the lanes, taking in a bit of the countryside air, smelling the burning wood coming from the chimneys of the little cottages of my neighbours.  This is the time I find my inspiration. The colours, the leaves, the berries its simply lovely you can't beat this time of year.

Then back for a hot chocolate and a snuggle with my girlies before the caos of feeding time at the zoo! 

Have a good day xxxxxx


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment over at my blog Nicky! much appreciated. I couldn't reply through email as you are a no reply blogger with your messages, did you know? anyway no worries if you don't want to. I can come here! Heather x