Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crafty projects...........

So I promised a catch up on what I have been up to on the craft and Christmas front so here we go!.........

Firstly on my list of "must do's" was the crocheted hot water bottle covers,,,,,,not my usual choice of colours but like I said I found a reduced basket of wool so thought I would go with these colours for a change,,,,you know what they say? A change is as good as a holiday.......Well not really but at least we will be cozy this Christmas.

Then onto the project of Christmas stockings. This is about as adventurous as my sewing gets. I can run up a pair of curtains, do a bit of crocheting and basic knitting or cross stitch but sewing "a thing"..........not that easy for me but I am really pleased with the end product.

 Made (lovingly) from scrap's out of my hoard, they go brilliantly with my decorations, tree and house decor. Each one slightly different and even one made for my lovely farmer in the tartan fabric. Im sooooo sooooo soooo chuffed with these. I must pat myself on the back as my girlies and my farmer just say "hmmm yeah nice mum!!" not the response I am looking for when I have been toiling over these things for what seems like an age! I can't wait for Father Christmas to fill them with goodies.

My "Christmas Bunting" was made inbetween making the Christmas stockings. It was so easy to make, very cheap and yet looks really lovely swagged up my banister rail. It was crying out for a garland of some sort and I wanted to stay away from the traditional pine and ribbon garland I would normally do if presented with a staircase to decorate. I think this works for a change and looks a lot more informal. Again....Well chuffed!!!

I have also been on with 2 cross stitch projects for my girlies for Christmas. They are Tatty Teddy Bear and I want to make them into cushions for their bedrooms. I started the first one in January and managed to get it done quite quickly over the winter but the second got a little tiresome. I got into a bit of a panic when I realised that I not only had to get it done I had to make the patchwork to frame it to make the cushion cover........which I still have to finish. But I can breath a sign as the hardest and time consuming part is finished now. I will tackle the cushion cover tomorrow (yeah will be Christmas Eve done soooo quickly) when the girlies can't spy my creation.

Then onto my Christmas Tree hunt!!! What a job. In the end I have bought a beautiful, smaller, real tree in a pot so I don't have to watch it being dragged off to the tip in the New Year. I thought it was a lovely idea in the this is our first Christmas together as a new family I thought we could plant out the tree and it would continue to grow like our family and relationship and would always be there to remind us of our first Christmas. It looks sooooo pretty trimmed up Nordic Style (my favorite for Christmas). Woman on a mission!!!!!!!! Success!!!! Now I better go fill up the cupboards!!

I have to just show you this lovely Advent Calender too. My mum made this.......God knows how many years ago for my sister and I........must be a good 20-25years old........When I was moving house in the summer I found it amoungst my boxes so I have lovingly filled it full of treats for my girlies. It looks fabulous and brings back many memories. The work that my Mum put into this is evident I hope you can see from the photo, it doesn't do it justice really. It really brings a smile to my face.

So,,,thats about it.......My main list of jobs done. I still aim to bake some mince pies and make some peppermint creams......another one of my Mums traditions. I am really proud to say I am turning into her. She fab!!!!

Have a fabulous week and I hope you are all getting through your list of "Must do's" too.

Best wishes Nicky xxx

I have just had to add this photo of my girlies Barbies. They are all lined up waiting to find out who will be crowned "Queen for the night". (Maybe I do watch too many reality TV shows)! I love winter when they go back to being my "little girlies" instead of trying to be older than they really are and not play as little girls are supposed to. Bless them! xxxxxxxx


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