Monday, December 3, 2012

Two little piggies...........and the rest!

It occured to me at some stupid time this morning that I hadn't yet introduced to you my piggies...... Matilda and George.

They are my Kune Kune piggies and part of the family. Just like dogs they love a fuss, a belly rub, a treat and lounging in the sunshine.

My neighbours thought I was barking when I announced we would be taking delivery of 2 piglets, some 4 years ago now, and even more barking when I said they weren't for the freezer!!

I am sure I am now known as the "Nutty English girl with the pigs!!!!"

I remember how funny it was when they came round so I could introduce them and the look of horror on their faces when I climbed into their pen to give them a big fat belly rub!!! "NO NO NO don't do that,,,,pigs are vicious!!!" phhhh.......vicious???? Not my babies!!

George especially is rather fond of an apple or 6..... a lounge under the oak tree with a good old rub behind his ears then on his belly. He will happily stay flaked out for the duration. They are such comically, calming creatures and have been a welcomed addition to our family.

And just for the record..........No they are not destined for the freezer at any time in the future.

So oink oink Matilda and George! xxxxxxx

Which leads me onto some of the other characters we have welcomed into our home over the years.

Firstly was my beloved Cat Penny-Anne. Very very very sadly no longer with us. She was such a companion and came from the UK with us when we moved. She loved nothing more than soaking up the sun, waiting infront of mouse nests in the garden or sitting along side me whilst I was weeding the garden. I miss her very much.

We have Daisy-Mae our Cocker Spaniel, she's now an old lady and very grumpy. Happy to sleep all day and hoover up scraps of food my littlest girlie drops or gives her.

We have had rabbits, guinnea pigs, chickens, finches and goats.........

The goats being the most memorable and most difficult creatures to ever decide to have in the garden. Gruff, (original name I know but he came with the name) was the strangest, funniest creature I have ever come across.

He was an escape artist, took particular fondness to my Tete a Tete bulbs in the Spring,,,eating every single pretty head off them whilst I was out one morning. He could litteraly walk up walls. He got my female goat, Pippin, pregnant and we ended up with triplets!! Now they were lovely cute little things but sadly males so they had to go. The only way we managed to get rid of Gruff was to chuck him in free with Pippin and her babies. He was not at all missed.

I even remember when a homing pigeon came to stay for a little while. It was so wierd. Let me explain, we live in rural Normandy, all our neighbours a French, farmers at that, and one evening this pigeon appeared whilst we were in the garden, after a few days he was still there. We gave him some water but he wasn't going anywhere. In the end we caught him and checked his ring and was amazed to find he had come from Dorset and was enroute home. It was like he heard us in the garden and thought "English...yeah ....I will stop here a while, little holiday and all that!!!" After a week or so he continued on his journey and we never saw him again but we like to think he had a nice time in Normandy with us!!

Every time a new animal appears on the scene I swear it will be the last............."No More"........."When they are gone thats it"!!!!........ Yeah right! We are just a family of animal lovers so that will never happen.


  1. that's an unbelievable amount of pets!! and a very entertaining post. Poor old gruff!! Heather x

  2. Its like a Zoo Heather...including the girlies too!!! Yeah poor old Gruff but he was a smelly old thing!
    LOL x