Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to find some Christmas spirit????

Well we are rapidly flying through December and I am starting to feel a little sad.....nothing feels Christmassy Normandy that is.......

I'm struggling to generate a bit of the Christmas spirit I so long for.

I don't know if its an age thing?? If it's because I'm not in the UK where all you seem to need to do is go into the town and the shops are bustling,,,,the Christmas lights are brightly shining,,,,,,carols playing,,,,,and stressed people busily trying to find something special for loved ones.

I miss so much Midnight Mass, the Salvation Army band outside M&S gloriously singing their carols, the Nativity scenes in the church yard, mulled wine and mince pies, Christmas craft fairs.......Dear me list in endless.......A tin of Quality Street.....stuffing...... For me its not just one's the whole's the run up.....the festive atmosphere.

As is, this year we will be doing Christmas without a turkey and chippolata sausages, NO mince pies, No crackers (unless I can stop feeling sorry for myself and set about making some)  No Quality Street, oh and French TV!!!!!!!!!!!

I am at a loss....I have all the decorations out, Michael Bublée is singing his heart out and we regularly watch a Christmassy movie but its just not happening. I have deliciously scented candles constantly burning.

I have been here 7 years now and all of a sudden I feel very home sick. :(

When you move to another country you not only need to learn the language but also their culture. I have done both and I have to say "Give me the UK anytime"

Merry Christmas.....I hope you are all having a happily, festive weekend.
Best wishes Nicky xxx


  1. Hi Nicky, I do feel for you and missing home, gosh not even any quality street! I wonder what the french tradition really is though. are they one of these countries who eat there christmas meal on christmas eve? what's the traditional meal. But I hear you , you are missing the british one! I'm sure you will pull out the stops soon and create as british a one as you can! good luck, Heather x

  2. by the way Nicky, hope you don't think I am being presumptuous but I have just had a thought. I really like your blog name, it's great. Have you thought about changing your profile name to include this? this way when you leave comments on other peoples blogs, it gets noticed and folks pop over for a look! You have an interesting blog here and I think others would enjoy it. Just thinking hope you don't mind! Heather x

  3. Hi Heather,

    Thank you for your comments. I am feeling rather sorry for myself at present. Anyway,yes they do the Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, CHristmas Lunch and again Christmas Day there is no traditional meal as such. We are invited out Christmas Eve which I am looking forward to and Christmas day we will do a more British version, as best as I can do anyway. I will have to settle for some other choccys for now and think much further in advance for next year and TRY (not easy when there are sweets and choccys in the house) to buy in advance and keep a stock in. Re-reading my post....I am such a pessimist at the moment! Terrible.
    I have given myself a good talking too and I am sure we will be fine and like you say create a the best of British Christmas' possible!
    Noted about my name,.....I will get onto that now, explains why I have "2" followers!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes Nicky x

  4. Hi Nicky ,i just popped over from Gillian at happy house.I guess I take all of these things for granted old traditions,like you say Salvation army singing,etc. I do hope you are feeling a little more Christmassy :o)
    Best wishes juliexxx