Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OH more yarn!

I don't know quite how it has happened but I have a very small amount of yarn left !!!!!! Nightmare!!!!!!

I can't believe my stocks have become so low, I am getting a bit twitchy! I want to dash out and restock! I must have got through more than anticipated this year! Somehow, although I only have a couple of cushions, a lap blanket, hot water bottle covers and some bunting to show for it??

I am going to restrain myself, as I'm going to the UK in just over a week, where yarn is considerably cheaper than here in France, I will stock up. I am going to productively use this time to think about my up and coming projects for the rest of winter. I want to tackle a crochet tea cosy for my, hopefully, new teapot thats on my Christmas list. As my 3 girlies have lovely crochet blankets at the foot of their beds I think its time for a lovely one for my bed! A HUGE one, every colour under the sun, I'm throwing caution to the wind and going totally random with my grannies, not easy as my mind doesn't do "Random" It likes order!

How wierd that crochet can totally take over your life and make you obsessive! None crafters would think you "Barking" if you had to explain it but it is a total addiction isn't it?
Phew!!! Hopefully I can get through the next week........fingers crossed.

Best wishes
A rather shakey, aggitated Nicky xxx


  1. glad your going to get to sample some British festivities soon! a big random boho blanket would be nice wouldn't it! good luck, have a good christmas! Heather x

  2. Running out of yarn sounds like some sort of nightmare to me! Luckily I won't run out for at least a decade based on the size of my stash.