Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Waffle!!!

Hello friends,
I hope this finds you all well and that you all haven't got this horrendous rain we have which is now taking its toll on my spirit! It feels like Spring is still a long way away.
SO today is Comic Relief Day as I'm sure you are all aware from the fabulous night the Beeb are putting on........Miranda Hart is absolutely amazing....I love her! She has raised so soooooo much money this week.
Anyway ....  I finally threw an outfit together for my girlies to wear at school. It turned out ok in the end and they went off smiling with their donations. Its amazing what you can do with a bit of red net!

My comic relief girlie's
My makes
Whilst I was on the local market buying supplies to make these little tu-tu's I was drawn to the haberdasherie section with....yes....the dangerous stuff.....BUTTONS!!! (crafters sweeties!)

I obviously had to have some as their lovely Spring colours called out to me in my craving state for sunshine. The next problem being involving them in a Spring project.

Yes I know,,,,another project when there is so many UNFINISHED projects crying out to be finished.

In the end I opted for a quick and easy Grannie Cushion. I don't even have anywhere to put it yet but decided to use this spare time I seem to have an abundance of at present to get ahead of myself on little makes I can decorate my new home with. My new home that I haven't even found yet, let alone moved into. However it gives me something to concentrate on and I know what it will look like when I do find it and also how it will be decorated.

So here is the front piece of my new Spring like cushion cover with my new Spring like sweeties....hhhmm.....sorry I mean buttons! Its great as its a quick project that won't sit in my unfinished pile for an eternity!

 I love it and I think I now need to make another in a different colour way!
As we previously discussed life has changed and I am now trying to find my feet here in the UK again. Well this week I rediscovered the Library! Now I love the internet for instantly being able to find what you are looking for yet you can't beat holding a library book in your hands.

 The smell of the library takes me back donkeys years too. I can't explain it but its just a calming and pleasant experiance. A bit of time out from the hustle and bustle of life outside the Library walls.

My girlies came along and we all have a new library card and can spend some quality time together away from the TV.

They were really funny, I don't think they GET the concept really! That you are allowed to take several books for several weeks.....without paying for them.....then swap them for some new ones??????! They looked at me like I was talking jibberish!

 It was a lovely hour spent after school all together. Clutching their piles of well chosen books and their membership cards they were beaming.

My eldest Girlie Wirlie chose a kiddies craft book and a fancy dress book....yey! I will be having a sneaky peak! Also a book about the Queen. (She is definately a mini me! My Girlie not the Queen of course!!!) Then they sat reading out facts and dates like " When was the Queens Coronation?" or "How old was the Queen when she had Prince Charles?"...........I do have all the answers should anyone want them!

 I'm really pleased at the interest she has shown and like I say, it doesn't involve a TV, DS or a mobile!!! RESULT!!

I also found two interesting books to bring home with me. "Crochet Accessories" and "Shed Chic".

I have been flicking through them both. The Shed Chic has some lovely shed conversions, offices, workspaces and studios. The photos are lovely.

They brought back memories of my poor little "Vintage Suzie" caravan still sat in France without me.

 I miss her. I don't know if I will get her back but I hope so. I have spent many a happy hour in there with my basket of yarn and hook, tea and chocolate. I love her so.

  I took out all my caravan chintzy bits and bobs so at least I have those here as a reminder but she is bare without them and all on her lonesome sat in dreary Normandy. She needs love and chintz and clutter!

 Hopefully one day we may be reunited again.

I discovered these chicken coops.  Aren't they fab!  Take a peek!

And when I win the Lotto this gorgeous little caravan will be parked on my estate!
 Oh to dream!
And finally.......... a finished project!

 TA-DAH!!!..........One finished baby blanket.

 I think it looks quite sweet. Scarey to think in a few short months it will have a loving new owner! AAAAAHHHHHH
Anyway changing the subject quickly before I have another panic attack!
There you have it. My recent events and waffle!!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with a touch of Spring. If not with the weather, with some colour, treats and special people.

 I'm going off now to have a major tidy up as my lovely Mum is on her way home from a sunny beach (God she will get a shock with the temperature difference) and I haven't done a great deal since she left other than the essentials, hooving and washing up! My ironing pile is HUGE!!
 So HI HO...Its off to work I go !!!!!!!!

Best wishes
Nicky xx


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  1. Shed chic!! that's a new one! I haven't seen that yet. I hope you do get your caravan, that would be nice if things work out. Your cushions lovely, nice idea with the buttons. Very sweet baby blanket, exciting....! enjoy your free crafting time, life has a way of filling up the spaces very quickly! Heather x