Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear My Mum.

Another Mothers Day arrives,
The years seem like they fly,
I'm happy to be able to say,
For this year, I'm close by.
For every year I'm miles away,
Unable to share with you,
What should be a very special day,
With lots of hugs and fun things to do.
I can not express just how I feel,
All the things you do for me,
The love, the support, the help you give,
It comes ever constantly.
I'm so proud to have a Mum like you,
So special you'll always be,
Even living together now,
Fills my heart with glee!
Peas in the pod we've always been,
So how we cope......remains to be seen.
In your little house we all squash in,
Close and cozy like beans in a tin!
With a house full of girlie's,
And just one loo,
First up and dressed is a challenge too!
Our nightly chats and bags of crisps,
Chocolate, wine and nibbles too,
Taste so much better now,
I'm sharing them with you.
I've missed all the times we could have had,
Whilst living across the sea,
But happy to be home again,
Close by with you and me.
I love you more than I could ever say,
and pleased we are together,
To share a laugh or a special day
I hope it lasts forever.
Happy Mothers Day Mum!

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