Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage craft fair, new friends and High School offers!

Good afternoon Lovlies.....

I just bobbed in tell you about my lovely morning.

Those who know me, know I have only just come back to the UK after 8 years living in the back and beyond in France. Nothing goes on there so my usual weekend would entail cleaning, maybe a little walk, some grocery shopping, tv watching and possibly a visit to see my lovely friend..........miss you honey.......anyway, the weekend would come and go without much occuring.

TODAY HOWEVER............Mum and I went into town and were utterly delighted when we stumbled upon a Vintage and Craft Fair. Oh the JOY!!!!! What a lovely morning we had. With lots of stalls from crafters and fellow bloggers, an adorable little tea room with delicious home made scones and tea served in cute vintage china tea cups and saucers.......Oh I was in my element and can't wait for the next one. As a Vintage Fair virgin (not through choice but through living in the sticks) I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend and can't wait to be able to find some more events the same.

It has given me lots of inspiration and kicked me up the "you-know-what" to get a shift on with my new blanket.

I would also like to say "Hello" to my new followers....I love meeting new people even if only by the World Wide Web!!! Life's bringing me lots of new things at the challenges, new friends, (to add to my oldest bestest friends I might add,,,not to replace!!!!!!) new experiences, new places to visit or places I forgot about or was not particularly interested in several years ago but now I find fascinating. All these new things are keeping me going, keeping me sane and calmer. So thank you everyone for your comments, your support, not only to my followers but to my lovely family and friends who are putting up with me just now. Love you lots and please bear with me whilst I travel through this challenging period in my life. I will hopefully come out the other side stronger than before and up for everything.

My two oldest daughters have been an absolute credit this week. I am so proud of them as whilst Im sat here worry about my challenges and worries ahead, I have to remind myself that they
 have had a difficult week too and come out the other side smiling.

They have both started a new Primary School this week. Completely different to what they were used to as its a UK school and they have up until now tackled all their school lives in French Schools. Im so so very proud of them how they have settled in already. My eldest girlie wirlie has just received her offer for Senior School where she will be off to in September. Feeling rather excited and scared at the same time!! I'm pleased with our offer and glad we are finally making plans that go past the next week or so because that is as far as I can bear to think and plan just now.
My likkle girlie growing to quickly!!!! Please stop now!!! Where does time go?

So there you have it, my waffle for the weekend. I hope the weekend is treating you all kind and there is lots of crafting going on!

Best wishes, speak soon
Nicky xxx


  1. Nicky, Howlovely to have your comment on my blog today, Have just been reading through some of your blog posts...How brave you are, but you just know when its right dont you?
    Glad to hear you are settling, spring and summer soon, lfe always looks better with sunshine??
    Lots oF bestest weekend wishes to you, your mum and your girls...just looking where to join you...
    daisy J

  2. You sound very happy and well on your way to a wonderful new life! Lisa xo

  3. This is a lovely positive post, it sounds as though things are really moving for you and you have been enjoying yourselves. It's great to find new things you enjoy, good luck with it all, Heather x