Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crochet progress, bumps again, fancy dress and yummy treats!! Bit of a mixed bag but what the hell!

Hello friends

As I said recently I was tackling some new projects. Just simple grannies, things I can do without having to think about it. They are so calming and seem to have helped me stay relatively sane recently. As soon as I'm hett up I dig out my needle and do another grannie.

Also having the selection of wool I have to hand here in the UK is a help, not only a good choice of colours and material but competative prices too compared to that in Europe.

I am finding my inspiration making steady progress as well as my grannies.

SO here we have a few part made blankets ready to make a half-time appearence. They aren't ready for a big TA DAH moment yet but keep watching I have very little else to do with my time just now.

Firstly my OWN blanket,,,,,, it makes a change to be able to say OWN,,,,,,,usually they are for my girlies!

I promised to make myself a HUGE multi coloured delight and here it is coming together nicely.

Then after reading Mollie Makes this month I jumped onto the idea of using the multicoloured baby type wool,,,,sorry I don't know the correct terminology for it but you know what I make My Bump a cot blanket!

BUMP....yes you heard right.....I have another BUMP!! Hopefully only until the start of July then I will be back to normal and in my jeans again!

Anyway,, going slightly off track there....sorry about that.

Here are my neat little grannies awaiting sewing together. How lovely they look, sat patiently waiting to be made into some delightful little cosy blanket . It was an unexpected project to start but aren't they all? I like the idea that it has come together quickly and is looking quite cute even if the colours are rather pale for me.

In the middle of it all I have spent 2 nights frantically making costumes for World Book Day!

Its not an easy task when you need to find two different fancy dress outfits that must be characters from well known books. Especially when my girlies are very specific at what they will and not wear!

In the end we opted for Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

We now have red glitter all over the house from Dorothy's red glittery shoes I spent an hour glueing!!! Tu-Tu underskirts......??!!! You know the ones made from itchy net your mother used to put you in? Well I had to make two of them to go under their summer dresses that, thankfully, I didn't have to make. Two aprons also.

What you need to realise is this.....I am useless at any form of dress making type projects, they are just too intricate for me to concentrate on. Also my MUMMY is away sunning herself on a lovely beach so I couldn't call upon her expert opinion to guide me through how to do this, let alone talk her into doing them for me. Pity.

So I am proud to say "I did it"......"On my own!" ......."With NO help." They might not be the best outfits ever but Alice, Dorothy and I were all quite pleased with the outcome!!!!

This weekend will involve plenty of peace and quiet..hopefully that is, with some homely luxuries thrown in, my favorite being sticky hot cross buns and steaming tea...........Oh I love this time of year filled with sweet yummy treats.

I will then crack on with my grannies and a bit of cosy reading or Molly Makes and my Mums new Enid Blyton book, Naughty Amelia Jane......I'm really looking forward to that although she said it was bought for my girlies to read I think I might have to see if I can add it to my collection! On loan of course!

I hope everyone has a nice Mothers Day weekend with lots of cosy, snuggly treats and that you get to spend it with your special Mummy's, if not in person, in thought.

Speak soon my lovelies.......Happy crafting!

Best wishes

Nicky xxx




  1. Hi Nicky, it's lovely to see pictures!! your blankets are lovely, it is calming making granny squares isn't it. Congratulations on your bump, you have had a lot going on! it all sounds good and positive. The blogs looking great too! Heather x

  2. that blanket is fabulous - love it. congratulations on the bump!

    Nikki x