Saturday, June 8, 2013

Two and a half months have passed since my last blog. Gosh sooooo much has happened I have no idea where to start to update you.

Settling in
I have finally moved into my own place with my girlies and although still unpacking bits and bobs I had completely forgotten I had as they were packed away so very long ago, it already feels like home and safe, For me that is a very important feeling to have after the stress and unsettlement of the first six months of this year. 

I found this little gem, after becoming very dispondent and after virtually giving up looking for a new home for us due to the complete and utter wrecks I had previously looked at.  I have an eye and can spot potential yet some places I visited were horrendous and obviously had never seen any love nor care. I almost cancelled my appointment to view this house it was only because it was so close to my Mums house that I decided to have a quick look. 

I'm so pleased I did. My paperwork went in the same day and BINGO! Here I am sat in my new sunny living room. All my nick nacks out, a man free zone, I have the remote, the phone, the laptop and homemade biscuits!!! OHHH its fab!!!!

I set straight to decorating although it only really needed a bit of TLC, it's looking really homely. Just the hall, stairs and landing to tackle now and they are being sorted Monday, 

My girlies are pleased with their new home, new room, settled in great and have even made some playmates so are always outside playing. 

I have in dribs and drabs got most of my furniture treasures back from France, still a couple of bits and bobs to come back but all in all I am happier with the situation. I have just read through my previous post and was shocked at how negative, low and in such a bad place I was just a few weeks ago. I'm still a long way away from being me but bit by bit I have made progress, helped with the fact I have been so busy recently on a mission to sort my life out and turn what seemed like a BIG negative into a BIG positive. 

New arrival imminent!

Only 25 days now until the new little addition to our girlie household arrives. I'm thrilled to be able to say that it will be another girlie wirlie to join our team! We are all ready and sat waiting now.  Name chosen but to be kept a secret,  the cots up, the prams assembled, bottles ready in the steriliser, nappies and tiny baby grows are patiently waiting for the little body to fill them!

 It has been, in my experience of pregnancies, a quick one, a relatively easy one health wise, I have only gained a stone in weight which we all know makes life so much easier afterwards to get back into ones jeans!! All this is probably due to the amount of other stress with moving back to the UK, going through a divorce and custody battles, moving, again, from Mums to my house and all the other related stress factors being so much bigger than the worry of the pregnancy, it has been a doddle and soon will be over. 

This last stretch though is always the longest as you ladies will be aware. The heat will be great in about 4 weeks when the little one arrives and we want to be out and about but a bit of a cooler couple of weeks would be greatly appriciated due to the fact I daren't leave the house in fear of over heating!!!! 

New finds and treasures.

One of the joys about this little house being MY HOUSE, is that I can fill it to the gills with whatever I like!!! All my little chintzy bits and bobs have pride of place and my "bit of a mixed up style thingy" I have going on........not shabby chic, not retro, not French chic.......but a bit of everything and anything, just whatever I like, works surprisingly well here.  Adding to this I have stumbled on a new little shop in town, I almost crashed my car when I spotted it, Vintage and Retro Emporium. Its a little gem, filled with alsorts of treasures from upcycled furniture pieces, vintage clothes and trinkets. I have already spent to much money in there but Im so pleased with my little finds and they have added greatly to my mixed up collection. Photos will follow once I have caught up with my postings and recent events. 

I am also a now dedicated frequenter of the charity shops. I never had the time before and being in France they didn't have the same thing. Every few days I do a little wander. In one of the local towns we have a road full of them so I can make a moring of it. Not only doing my bit for charity, making one feel better, but finding some great stuff! I do need to be careful though as I realise this could turn into an obsession quite easily and before I know it I will be sat here under mounds of rubbish!!! For now I have plenty of room left to fill!!

Mums 60th

In the middle of all this we also had Mums 60th birthday. My sister and are owe my Mum such a lot and wanted to do something really special to show her how we feel. Not very easy though when she was adament that all she wanted was a meal in a local pub with me and my girlies, my sister and her kiddies and her partner. We decided to over rule her in the end and book a meal in a lovely restaurant and secretly added her extended family and close friends to the invited. Nervously unsure wether this was the right thing to do and how she would take it, we were very releaved that all went well. 
We also said we didn't know what to buy her for her birthday and as she doesn't like waste and would rather have something as a gift that she wants opposed to buying something for the sake of buying it, we both gave her a bit of an IOU with the promise to do something or buy something later when we could afford to do so. Meanwhile we had booked a trip for the 3 of us to New York in the spring next year! What a surprise!!!! Needless to say she is thrilled!!!! As are we!!!!!

We even turned our hands to cake making and decorating! My sister baked a fabulous cake and I set to decorating it. I don't do baking and this is the first time I have tackled fondent icing, well any type of icing really. We couldn't decide what decor to do so in the end I came up with a comic scene to decorate the top of the cake with and then...I don't know how or why......decided that it couldn't really be that difficult to do.....could it???? Several days answer to that is YES it is difficult. 
Anyhow,,,,,,,the cake was finished, looked and tasted amazing too. Lots of hours work went into it but it was completely worth. It will be, I will say now, the first and last!!!!!

So there you go lovely people, my recent events!!! No doubt I have missed something, I have tried to be a little more positive than my last post and I hope I haven't frightened you lovely followers away with my negative thinking and depressing previous posting. 

ONWARD AND UPWARDS from now on,,,,,,,,,,,I PROMISE!!!!

Lots of love xxxxxx


  1. Wow!
    You are doing amazingly well, good on you girl.
    I had a few years, just me and my boys and it was good, really good.
    I hope you enjoy your man free time as much as I did but don't write off falling in love again....I bet you will!
    Lets see some pics of the new house xxx

  2. It's not the same without you here in France, good to know your "Nicky Style" has come to the fore again. You go girl!! xxxx