Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello Lovelies........

So here as promised are some updated photos of STUFF!!!!!!!

Firstly, it's Mum's wacky birthday cake!!!! This was a couple of weeks work and the first and last time I will be tackling fondent icing!!!!!!!!

It is my Mum sat in her living room with the usual bedlam of her 6 grandchildren plus my likkle unborn and our doggy Daisy Mae!!!! You won't know from the picture but all the figures resemble the kiddies brilliantly!
I was so so so so pleased this worked out how we wanted it too even though it totally stressed me out it made everyone laugh!!!
And I don't know how we managed it but the figures are still in one piece and in a nice box for Mum to keep.......even though the lads were desperate to eat themselves!!
One of the joys about being here just with my girlies is that I can do and have whatever I like in my home, I can fill it if I want, I don't get aggrivated at having to have a Formula 1 Model car on my fireplace!! Everything I have in my home I love, everything means something to me, yes there are lots of clashing styles but that I now realise doesn't matter what so ever. A home is about love, about family, about feeling cosy and calm and I have that here. I can't explain how happy and calming it is to be here, in the UK, in my new home with all my clutter!!!
So here we are.....a little tour round my humble abode, with a few little treasure bits I have found along the way.
I love this mirror, I found it in a second hand shop for a couple of pound and it sits proudly over my fireplace, I adore fairy lights, I would have them everywhere. Its a bit too white/cream and needs some colour adding here but is a working progress and I know there is something in the charity shop waiting to be found!
My sleeping cherub guarding my 50p vase!!

I adore this bargain tea pot!!! Found in the little treasure shop I told you about. It's too nice for me to use so I have it sat on my coffee table so I can admire it constantly!

I have a thing for candles at the moment!

I love this poster, I wanted it for ages, it was featured in Monica's appartement in Friends. I found it eventually online. I love the colours and the French connection.

This is my happy place!
Its my cosy corner with all my favorite and essential things to operate my life: crochet projects, cosy blankets, remotes, laptop, ipod, phone, biscuits and .....................................

Ben & Jerry's!!!!!!! Well why not??.........

25p plant, in a 50p car boot find jug, sat on an embroidered cloth at a bargain 10p!!!! I love this thrifting!!



My girlies room......please note the little cushion.................

This little cushion was my 11 year old girlie wirlie's creation. Whilst on a visit to Nanna's house she had some time with material, paint and stensils. Not only one for her bedroom but one for me for my birthday. I treasure it. xxxxxxx
This is baby's room........

I don't know why but we call her Baby? Belle-Elise is almost 3 years old and it has just dawned on us that this will cause confusion once the New Baby arrives so now the New Baby has already been nicknamed Tiny Baby!!!!

Finally finished and slightly tweaked since the original TaDah moment. Baby's blanket!!

Now my room with Tiny Baby's corner!!!!!...... 

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These are my newly found collection. They have just sort of "Happened" I had a couple and then recently I just seemed to stumble on them and now I love them. They are all filled tiny bits and bobs.



My beautiful angel looks after us all as we dream away, meant for the garden she is too lovely to leave outside.

My bags are packed,(not these cases, these are full of childhood memories) the clothes are washed and as you can see everything is ready for Tiny Baby!!

I'm sat very IMPATIENTLY waiting for her arrival.

On the right is TIny Baby's crochet blanket, ( I have finally caught up and now all my girlies have one)
On the left is my crochet blanket, made with love by my Nanna..........38 years ago!!!!!! It is much treasured and will be used once more with Tiny Baby!!!!!!
Can you remember how tiny these little socks and vests are???? Its hard to believe in a very short time there will be another likkle girlie snuggling in them.......

In the meantime Piglet is keeping the moses basket warm!

How organised am I????????

And there you have her!!! I think I'm about to go POP!!!!!!!!

I think that covers my whistle stop tour, now friends far away,,,,love you honey,,,,,,can see how its going and see that I'm really settled!

I wish you all a lovely weekend, I hope I haven't bored you too much.
Lots of love
A very impatient, fat, tired, aggrivated pregnant woman!!!!!!!!

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